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Prioritize best-fit leads with AI-generated scores

Supercharge your team's efficiency and revenue generation with our AI-generated auto-score models. Our models leverage success data from your CRM and Apollo account history to pinpoint high-converting prospects with laser precision.

Build your own scoring models in minutes

Create precise scoring models with full flexibility to define criteria, weightings, and variables. Combine product and marketing data from your CRM with Apollo's rich demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data for powerful scoring models.

Prospect efficiently with real-time lead scoring

Filter by score and see how our living database of leads stacks up against your customer fit criteria in real-time—directly in search results. You'll never waste time prospecting for the wrong leads again.

Get full transparency into score criteria

Get full visibility into the lead scoring criteria for every single lead and have clear insight into how each lead is evaluated. Score transparency enables your team to prioritize effectively and take personalized actions.

Having used other scoring solutions, Apollo's scores are in a league of their own due to their wealth of data. Setting up score models is a breeze, and the results are lightning-fast.

Kaleb Jessee

VP of Sales, Talent Quest

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