Build and automate your world-class go-to-market process

Apollo gives you the tools you need to send the right message at the right time, at speed and scale.

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Define and execute your sales process at scale with automated or manual emails, calls, and tasks.

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Instant click-to-call with automatic direct dials, recordings, transcriptions, and CRM logging.

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Task Management

Power through tasks with efficiency, and turn your reps into experts with automatic deep research on each prospect.

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Rules Engine

Create cross-object rules that automatically take actions based on changes to stages, custom fields, activities, or triggers to create a tightly integrated sales process.

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Apollo gives superpowers to LinkedIn, Salesforce, Hubspot, Gmail, Outlook, and other tools in your sales stack.

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Good systems create opportunities for real conversations. Our split test sequences use email, calls, and task steps. With these, our platform builds a continuously improving structure around your engagement strategy.

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Automated Emails

Manual Emails, Calls, Action Items

Out-of-office detection

A/B Testing

Custom Fields Personalization



Instantly click-to-call prospects from anywhere. We let you set up automatic recordings, transcriptions, and CRM logging so you’re always ready for that next touch point.

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Anywhere you see a phone number, you can click on it to begin a call.

Find Direct Dial Phone Numbers

Use Apollo's integrated direct dial phone numbers to increase your connect rate by an order of magnitude.

Local Prescence

Prospects are more likely to answer an area code they recognize, so Apollo lets you dial as the same area code as your prospects.

International Dialing

For those prospects you want to do business with outside of the US.

Call Recordings

Easily listen back to your calls.

Conversation Intelligence

Go beyond call recordings, and start coaching your reps on how to improve their calls. Our call transcriptions allow you to search through your reps’ calls to find out how they’re executing on key moments.

Task Management

Power through call and manual email tasks with high efficiency and relevancy. By equipping your reps with deep research on each account-- such as your most relevant case study, relevant technologies, relevant department sizes, relevant job postings, and news article--they’re able to quickly deliver the best value prop for each prospect, build credibility and increase their conversion rates.

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Rules Engine

Create cross-object rules that automatically take actions based on changes to stages, custom fields, activities, or triggers at the Contact, Lead or Account level to truly create a tightly integrated sales process.

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Sample Rules Engine Use Cases

Streamline Inbound Workflows

Recycle Leads

Keep Data Clean


Stage & Owner Updates

Deal Workflows

The illustration of sequences


Track emails opens and clicks, save time with email templates, sync emails with CRM, and more with Apollo's extension for Gmail.


Find verified email addresses and direct dial phone numbers of prospects on LinkedIn, and sync them directly with your CRM.


Add prospecting, enrichment, click-to-call, sequencing, and many functionality directly into Salesforce to give your CRM superpowers.

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