Find & Prioritize


Deep & Accurate Database

We maintain a deep pool of over 200 million contacts at 10 million companies. It’s regularly updated using a combination of automation and human verification. We’re so sure of the quality of our contacts that we guarantee a refund for every bounced email.

B2B Lead Database
Sales Prospect Targeting


An ocean of data is only useful with precise targeting. Our platform uses advanced filters like technologies, department size, website keywords, funding and revenue, Alexa rank, and recent job postings. Find your customer, every time.

Sales Prospecting Rules

Rules of engagement.

With properly defined territories and account ownership, reps are free to prospect without fear of stepping on anyone’s toes. Now your team can work to their full potential, getting everything out of each sales region and industry vertical.

Scoring Engine

Scoring Engine

We don’t only help you generate leads; we prioritize them for you based on a combination of behavioral and demographic data. This is the information every high-performing sales team needs to improve their numbers—set yours up for success.

Prospect Enrichment

Enrich & Refresh

Our database is always current. We ensure the of the quality of our leads by continuously refreshing all our data like promotions, company size, annual revenue, recent news, and job changes. We manage this accurately using a combination of automation and human eyes.

Realize your full revenue potential.

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