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Artificial Intelligence for Smart Agro ec2ce is a technological company who applies artificial intelligence into smart agro, producing predictive tools for pest/disease control and productivity forecast in ...
Artificial Intelligence for Smart Agro ec2ce is a technological company who applies artificial intelligence into smart agro, producing predictive tools for pest/disease control and productivity forecast in decision farming systems. ec2ce predictive technology is able to anticipate the evolution of pests and diseases, as well as productivity per acre, by managing historic big data from monitoring and sampling of the crop (agronomic, climatologic and biologic data). Combining Big Data squeezing and market knowledge to create model optimization and predictive output scenarios in smart-agro and decision farming applications, such as pest/disease integrated management, productivity, and market supply. ec2ce is beyond AgData, with a proprietary technology based on AI and applied to smart-agro, that allows the construction of mathematical algorithms with predictive ability of crop productivity and pest evolution. This predictive technology has been developed by combining Big Data, genetic algorithms and fuzzy neural networks. The innovation that we are bringing is based on the inclusion of artificial intelligence into an actionable tool to make pest control decisions oriented to maximize economic returns to grower and improving the crop sustainability. The final goal is having an automatic optimization system based on IA to manage smart-agro applications. ----- ec2ce is Predictive Agriculture. ec2ce is a technological company that develops AI based decision making tools which squeeze ag-Data, weather, and satellite indeses using powerful software analytics and numerical algorithms to predict and anticipate productivity, demand and pricing of agriculture products, reducing the inherent risk in agriculture from an evolving climate and its impact on food security, commodity markets and input costs. Our models attempt to emulate a complex environment to explain, understand and improve the agroindustrial operations. ec2ce has a service-based business model, operating cloud-based predictive modeling and customer’s interface. We provide two types of services: •Customized services: Identifying customer’s need to provide a solution. Adjusting a modeling and optimization tool through our standard AI platform •Standard services: Solutions to address common needs in a particular area of the agro-industry sector, standardized and normalized for universal use. Our interface accepts most of the standard data base and data management to avoid the customer to change its data and/or management system ----- ec2ce has four product lines, with applications on row crops, specialties, greenhouses and veggies, which are currently delivered to our customers, including agribusinesses and cooperatives, horticulture producers and aggregators, agrochemical and seeds suppliers, and agro-insurance companies: 1. Market Supply: predictive scenarios for strategic and trading & hedging decisions 2. Decision farming: farming management simulators to optimize productivity and inputs cost, including economic and sustainability criteria 3. Pest Evolution: predictive modeling to anticipate actions in Integrated Pest Management systems 4. Supply Chain: predictive scenarios to optimize commercial and logistic and planning for horticulture aggregators and commercialization intermediates

Calle Diego Martínez Barrio, Seville, Andalusia, Spain, 41013

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Inspector -Enologo-Analista de Sistemas at Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura (I.N.V.)
Responsable de Prevención de Fraude at BBVA en Perú
Jefe de área at Eroski
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