Akshaya Poduval
Software Engineer at Gadgeon Systems Inc.
Last Updated:
September 26, 2020
Kerala, India
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Gadgeon is an end-to-end IoT Solution development partner in the digital transformation journey of its customers. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified electronic product design and development company. Established...
Gadgeon is an end-to-end IoT Solution development partner in the digital transformation journey of its customers. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified electronic product design and development company. Established in 2011 with 60 plus satisfied customers across the USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and India. We are proud to have a track record of very low talent attrition over the years. Gadgeon delivers end-to-end solutions from product development to deployment including hardware, firmware, and applications.\\Our extensive experience in end-to-end IoT, IIoT, M2M technologies, network/communication technologies, application management, cloud, analytics, and automation frameworks enable our customers in building new business models and realizing value from their IoT and digital transformation journey.\\We offer system integration services for Home and Building automation in the domestic (Indian) market under the brand name Gadgeon LifeStyle. ----- Gadgeon Systems is a trusted digital engineering partner for 90+ customers across USA, Europe, India, and APAC. We revolutionize enterprises with the power of data by connecting devices, operations, and processes. Customers across the globe choose to work with Gadgeon on the value they are able to realize by leveraging our: 1. Deep technical expertise in Industrial IoT / IoT Engineering; Embedded Systems – Hardware & Firmware; Cloud/Web Application – Microservice Architecture, design, and development; Big Data; Data Analytics- AI & ML, and Advanced Technologies such as Computer Vision, AR, and Robotic programming. 2. Domain expertise in Healthcare, Manufacturing & Industrial automation, Telecom, Smart Home/Building, and Networking 3. Customizable IoT Solution building framework – Delpheon, which lowers the TCO and fast track time to value. 4. Easy to work with flexible engagement and governance models 5. Adoption of Agile and DevOps practices 6. Commitment to quality with ISO 9001:2015 certification. We help solve Business Pain points for our Customers, such as: • Challenges in data collection • Integration of multiple technologies to deliver end-to-end use cases • One stop supplier for end-to-end IoT solution from hardware to apps • Plug and play upgradable architecture with security and scalability • Monolithic application re-engineering using micro-service architecture and migration to cloud • Maintenance and sustenance of applications • Accelerate Application release cycles and time-to-revenue through Agile and DevOps with CI/CD • Server Agnostic Application configurations • IoT deployment NOT delivering its promises with respect to Value on Investment • Inter-operability with existing systems and solutions • Predictability of equipment breakdown Gadgeon’s Industrial IoT Solutions framework enables devices, machines, and data sources to connect for data gathering. Delpheon – the rapid IoT solution framework ensures scalable, secure, and highly available IoT solutions. Our advanced technology solutions focuses on Computer Vision based image/video analytics along with Deep Learning model, AR, and Robotic Programming. Our Product engineering services addresses end-to-end product life cycle including Prototyping, Development, Validation, Certification, and Manufacturing support. Our Application services takes care of development and maintenance of applications with Microservice architecture and uses practices such as DevOps and CI/CD pipeline on platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP, or On-Premise. Gadgeon facilitates adoption of digital transformation in the healthcare sector for local medical clinics as well as large hospitals, by implementing different digitization technologies in their day-to-day processes that improve the effectiveness of medical procedures, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. Gadgeon, with technologies such as 5G, IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, AI, and micro-services architectures are helping telecom providers to realign their business strategies, re-engineer products, and restructure their business offerings. Gadgeon with 250+ man-years of product development experience in IoT gateways, sensors modules, and end-to-end IoT solutions in the area of Home Automation, helping home automation industry in addressing its major challenges such as security, scalability, and selection of right apps, devices, and technologies.

881 Yosemite Way, Milpitas, California, United States, 95035

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