ProsperWorks was working with several different sales tech companies and found themselves trapped in a complicated process that was impossible to measure or collaborate in. They could feel that their tools were holding their team back rather than amplifying their efforts.

The Challenge

The UI of their sequencing tool was convoluted and clunky, which impacted the quality of their outreach and ability to tell what was working and what wasn’t. They felt they didn’t have the level of control over their end to end sales process that they needed.


ProsperWorks needed a tool that would seamlessly integrate their process and bring their reps together. Apollo enabled them to work together on sequences to find the best possible messaging and test out different ideas.


With Apollo’s prospecting, sequencing, and analytics tools, ProsperWorks was able to find new leads, locate background information, improve their messaging, and easily pull reports. Each rep cut out 10 hours from their monthly work, and with the help of A/B testing they were able to achieve the level of personalization they wanted at scale. Reply rates increased 200%. Open rates went as high as 95% on some sequences.


ProsperWorks is the only sales CRM made for and used by Google


Sales Tech


120+ employees


“The ability to find new leads and retrieve current news on accounts will further our ability to penetrate specific companies from inbound perspective which is something we never even considered. This will substantially impact our team.”

Hayley WickinsSDR Lead at Prosperworks