Mercer is the global leader in human resources consulting. Their expertise is called upon by Fortune 500 companies for talent, health, retirement, and investment. Mercer recently launched PeoplePro – a small to medium-sized business arm to democratize access to world-class HR expertise. Growing awareness and generating demand is Mercer’s primary focus for PeoplePro.

The Challenge

Mercer’s team experimented with solutions to generate demand for PeoplePro through cold calling, Marketo, emailing existing Salesforce contacts, and a sales tool with a manual approach to sourcing and contacting prospects. Every company needs human resources, however, not all are in immediate need of an HR solution – leaving millions of leads who are currently not open to the PeoplePro message. Contacting irrelevant leads drained the Mercer team’s time and left ineffective results. Mercer was looking for a way to identify and access leads who are actively looking for HR resources.


Mercer immediately had an uptick in engagement with qualified leads using Apollo. Mercer leveraged predictive analytics and rich targeting filters to analyze dozens of signals like VC funding, job postings, technologies, and more to identify leads. Due to the increase in Mercer’s lead quality, campaign success and conversion rates – Apollo has now been implemented across 5 divisions, such as Mercer Marketplace and Mercer M&A.


Afer switching to Apollo, Mercer’s PeoplePro usage grew 3000% in 7 months. They were able to engage thousands of prospects by analyzing signals that indicated an immediate need for HR. Hundreds of hours were saved, allowing the team to focus on their pipeline of relevant leads. The use of targeting filters, such as job leads, employees, industry, technologies, VC funding, and keywords gave Mercer the keys to sell strategically in a fraction of the time.


Mercer is a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement, and investments. It's the world's largest human resources consulting firm.


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“Apollo’s big data and predictive analytics leverages the same principals as Facebook’s targeting. Using it, we are able to hone in on the companies most likely to need HR help right now, e.g. by analyzing dozens of signals like VC funding, job postings, technologies, and more.”

Jeanniey MullenCMO at Mercer