• Closed 2 deals worth $50k+ in first weeks using Apollo
  • Saves 5+ Hours Per day on Account-Based Sales
  • 72% Open Rate
  • 24% Reply Rate
  • 8.5% Appointment Rate


Coder Inc. is Venture Development Studio dedicated to building web & mobile software for early stage companies. They partner with entrepreneurs to design their ideas, develop their software, and accelerate their growth. Coder Inc. provides a comprehensive suite of digital services and serves as the go-to technical team for numerous client partners. Their mission is to empower anyone anywhere to build anything, with a transparent and efficient process providing for optimal oversight throughout the product development lifecycle.

The Challenge

Coder Inc. has a top-notch team of professionals ready and willing to help entrepreneurs bring their businesses to life, but were challenged by being able to find an efficient outbound sales workflow that allowed them to target specific groups of people with their development services. Spending 5+ hours per day scouring the web and testing other data sources, Coder wanted to find a more effective and efficient way of reaching the perfect client with the goal of quality over quantity. Buying leads, researching the web, and going by referral could only go so far in terms of scale, and they were keen on finding something to help take them to the next level.


Coder Inc. expertly utilized Apollo’s comprehensive all-in-one platform to take advantage of lead generation, emailing, deep targeting, and automated personalization to streamline their process. They took advantage of Apollo’s technology searcher (tracking +2,000 technologies) to find businesses using complementary technologies and needing development assistance in skills such as Swift & Ruby on Rails. Coder then coupled this ‘insider’ knowledge with localized searches – retrieving prospects & well-fit businesses located within a certain mile radius, and crafting personalized outreach with custom-snippets and well-researched content (using Apollo’s Company Research Summary). Replacing the medley of tools and time-consuming individual research process – Coder Inc. designed a Apollo flow that functioned expertly for their needs.


Coder Inc. was able to see excellent results from Apollo almost immediately. Within their first couple weeks, they were able to close 2 deals worth over $50,000. Not only this, but they were able to fill their pipeline so quickly and effectively that they had the problem of having more appointments and qualified opportunities than they expected. Within the first month, 111 calls and appointments were scheduled with their team, filling their sales pipeline quickly with far less time and effort than before --- on average, they reported saving over five hours per day on research, prospecting, and writing individual emails. Furthermore, Coder Inc. was able to use Apollo to test different outreach strategies as well as new markets in different geographies. Starting off with tech startups in Chicago, Coder then used hyper-targeted account based sales to reach out to targets in the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad with great success. Their metrics speak for themselves; as they improved their rates exponentially to achieve an overall 72% open rate, 24% reply rate, and 8.5% appointment (calendar demo) rate. Previously spending considerable time researching, sourcing, and crafting messages– Coder doubled the effectiveness of their team’s sales workflow as well as achieved payback ROI within their first weeks on Apollo.

Industry Internet
Founded 2015
Company Size 11-50 employees

“We love the interface, the experience, and most importantly… the results.”

Brian Shields

Co-Founder, Coder Inc.

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