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Our mission is to connect companies with great products to businesses who need them.

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Apollo was first conceived through Tim’s experience trying to sell for his first company. He found the outbound process to be inherently broken, taking place over 3-6 tabs on his browser. Tim combined forces with Ray and Roy to create the first intelligent, truly unified sales platform.

Their vision became Apollo and launched out of Y Combinator Winter 2015 and has raised $10 million to date with participation from Y Combinator, Social + Venture Capital, and Nexus Ventures.

Today, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of sales technology with a new platform customized to every team we onboard. When you work with Apollo, you get a new sales team of industry experts on your side.

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As a team, we work every day with our values of transparency, curiosity, innovation, integrity, reliability, selflessness, and working with urgency. Sound like you?

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