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We started out by just sponsoring the guy in Africa, sending him some money so he could do his thing. Then in 2011 we became a full on 501(3)c nonprofit and traveled back and forth to Africa every year (or at l...
We started out by just sponsoring the guy in Africa, sending him some money so he could do his thing. Then in 2011 we became a full on 501(3)c nonprofit and traveled back and forth to Africa every year (or at least Nathan did – since I asked him nice) We spent a ton of our own money trying to get this soccer ministry running. We spent countless weekends at soccer tournaments at home trying to sell t-shirts and get the word out about NEW+VISION SOCCER. Why is it called NEW+VISION SOCCER you ask? We were driving by a school in Africa and it was called New Vision, and I liked the name. We added the cross, although some call it a plus sign, whatever, it's a cross. So that's that. We brought numerous people over on soccer mission trips to see what it is we do. \ Arusha, Tanzania\+\\\SOCCER IS THE GAME...CHANGING LIVES IS THE GOAL\\This isn't about me or Nate or anything we can do, this story is about the people we have met along the way. The ones who work day in and day out with these boys, this is about Nathan and Emily Rottier who have given up everything in America to live in Tanzania and pour their hearts into these kids. Creating a soccer academy where the boys can be proud of the organization they are involved with, teaching them skills both on and off the field. This story is about Geoff, Wycliff, and Silas, three African men who spend their days mentoring these boys ,visiting them in their homes, and coaching them on the field. This story is about the countless volunteers who have come in and out of NEW+VISION SOCCER, maybe just for a week, or maybe for a few years. This is about the people who gave $10 or $1000, bought a bag of coffee from us, or donated their soccer gear. This story is about a guy named \What is it we do? We use the game of soccer to help change lives. Period. We don't take any of your money to buy ourselves new clothes or new cars, actually we spend a ton of our own money so that your donation goes 100% towards what you want it to go to. Changing lives. How? We use soccer to mentor these boys, to create a family atmosphere and to spiritually witness to them. We try and teach them to fish. Our intent isn't to give handouts, it's to get these boys to a place where they can literally change their own lives. Get themselves an education and out of poverty, with the help of NEW+VISION SOCCER. Give them a helping hand, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or a ball and some boots and let them just have some fun on the soccer field.\Andy Beech, who builds guitars for rock stars and took the time to come to Africa and teach our boys how to build guitars in a effort to make our nonprofit self sustaining (Go to the workshop section of this website to find out more). These are the people who made and are making NEW+VISION SOCCER what it is today. Nate and I just sit in our home in Ferndale, Washington and dream. Dream about what NEW+VISION is, dream about what it can become and have a vision about what it can do. The vision is becoming a reality . . . Is it easy? Never. Is it rewarding? Most of the time. Is it going to change lives? It has. It will. If we all work and dream together, the vision will become a reality. We need to work together, we need to make a difference. If we don't, who will? Visions become reality only when people are willing to get out of their comfort zone and go. I'm not the kind of person who prays for something and then just waits. I like to go and let God mark my path. It's not always a straight path, and sometimes I get a little lost, but I can always look back and see the reason for every fork in the road.
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