Insula Investment Management
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London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
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About Insula Investment Management

To open early 2020.\\Insulα Investment Management ™ is an unregulated, employee owned, fully automated crypto-only long/short hedge fund boutique based in London.\​\We are focused on portfolio diversification a...
To open early 2020.\\Insulα Investment Management ™ is an unregulated, employee owned, fully automated crypto-only long/short hedge fund boutique based in London.\​\We are focused on portfolio diversification and high frequency trading on the electronic crypto-market universe.\​\We deliver continuous active returns and a core crypto market exposure by building a portfolio made of hundreds of cryptocurrencies rebalanced on a high frequency/low latency basis.\​\Insula's key attributes are highly sophisticated algorithms, optic fibre exchange co-location, and very short-term investment horizons.\ \Our investment philosophy is characterised by high turnover rates, and high order-to-trade ratios that leverages high-frequency financial data and short term electronic trading tools.\\\Disclaimer: \\We are not open yet, we are under (active) development.\Insula is not open for retail investors.\\Insula does not accept any investment neither renders any services at the moment. Insula designs solutions for accredited investors only.\​\Falling outside of the Financial Conduct Authority's perimeter, Insula's activity only addresses certified high net worth individuals, family offices, mutual funds, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds.\​\Insula only serves the following accredited investors who fall within the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Promotion of Collective Investment Schemes) (Exemption) Order 2001 :\\o​ ​Certified high net worth investor\o​ ​Sophisticated investor\o​ ​Certified sophisticated investor\o​ ​Existing investor in UCIS\\Special attention is given to AML and KYC during customer on-boarding.\​\Insula Investment Management™ 2019 UK IPO Trademark N*UK00003404769.\Any software, web content and databases are protected by copyright. ----- Our investment philosophy is a computer-driven method for capitalising on crypto-markets. We deliver active returns (alpha) to our clients with programmatically executed solutions. ​ At Insula we believe that the cryptocurrency market is inefficient. By operating on this market, Insula both provides and benefits from a deeper liquidity, better price discovery and a narrower market bid-ask spread, all together with an increased certainty of execution. We thereby improve the ability of financial markets to allocate capital to its most productive uses. ​ Both strategy (portfolio management) and execution (trading) is performed by algorithms. Our investment process is ran by algorithms to allow investors to get rid of any form of bias that hinder decision making. Although people are subject to making biased decisions, computers are designed to only make rational decisions. Moreover, our funds are continuously rebalanced, running automatically 24/7. Trading is operated by bots trading the cryptocurrency market that never closes, on a high frequency/low latency basis. ​ ​ Insula provides investors with cutting edge technology, combining the features of algorithmic trading and blockchain, that sets us apart from traditional assets that are largely arbitraged and exploited already. ​ I decided to found Insula out of intellectual curiosity and to make Insula a technological pioneer on this nascent market. ​ ​ Jules Becci-Morin de la Riviere , Founder at Insula Investment Management
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