August 16, 2021

Automate Outbound Messaging with Apollo’s Rules Engine

Written by Karli Stone

Time is one of our most important business resources. Finding success in today’s competitive market requires developing and integrating time-saving procedures in every stage of the sales process.

This is why you can’t afford to overlook Apollo’s Rules Engine, a game-changing feature that allows you to automate outbound messaging that previously required manual input.

When used efficiently, Apollo’s Rules Engine can free up sales reps to do what they do best, build relationships and close sales, rather than updating information and writing emails. 


What’s the Need for Rules Engine?

Day-in and day-out, sales reps are using their valuable time updating account information, researching occurrences on accounts, sending outreach emails, and other monotonous operations. In fact, studies show about 65% of sales reps’ time is spent on non-revenue-generating activities. 

Businesses need a more fluid, effective sales process. When you automate with Rules Engine, you will streamline outbound messaging and free up important time for your sales reps to execute human-to-human communications. 

Using Rules Engine to Automate Outbound Messaging

Rules Engine optimizes your workflow by automatically carrying out specific actions based on conditions set by the user. These automated actions can take place after a “trigger” event or on a recurring schedule, based on the ‘Rule Type’ selected. 

When a ‘triggered’ rule type is selected the rule will only run when a trigger is satisfied. Let’s say your sales team’s practice is to send out a follow-up email after a no-response call. Rules Engine allows you to set a “no-response call” as a trigger to send out a fully automated follow-up email. Possible triggers could also include: when an account is created or updated, when an email is sent or unsubscribed, when a call is logged, etc. Within this rule type, multiple triggers can be set at once and the action will take place whenever any of the triggers are satisfied. 

When a ‘batched’ rule type is selected the rule will run on a specific schedule that is created by the user. If you wanted to send out an email to newly-added clients on the first Friday of the month to sync with your feature releases, creating a ‘batched’ rule type would be an efficient way to automate this process.

Both ‘Rule Types’ can also utilize filters when they automate outbound messaging for a more granular approach. Users can include or exclude contacts within the rule, based on attributes such as: stage in the contact process, number of employees, revenue/funding, and data history. These are the same filters that are shown in Apollo’s Prospect Searcher, Contacts, and Accounts pages, so users are sure to be familiar with their filter options.

While offering infinite automation possibilities, Rules Engine keeps a list of activities it has made so that sales reps and account managers can effectively track and navigate all sales opportunities and accounts.

How Do I Create a Rule?

Understanding the ins and outs of Rules Engine is not enough to ensure that your sales process is being carried out as intended. To successfully automate outbound messaging, Apollo users must be sure to set up their parameters thoughtfully and precisely. 

To set up your first rule, navigate to Settings > Rules Engine > New Rule

Next, use the Rule Details modal to name your rule and select rule type. 

Then, create your trigger (only if you selected the ‘triggered’ rule type) and select your filters to make your outreach more granular.

Next, you must determine an action: How do you want the rule to automate outbound messaging? What do you want the rule to do for you in Apollo? Possible actions or steps include: add the contact to a sequence, finish the contact sequences, remove from account list, etc. 

Finally, determine the schedule of your rule. A ‘batched’ rule will include options for schedule recurrence, while a ‘triggered’ rule will only offer qualification rules to determine how many times contacts can run through the rule.

Although underutilized, Apollo’s Rules Engine can optimize workflow and automate outbound messaging efficiently and precisely. With the help of this tool, your business will not only save valuable time and resources but make great strides in connecting your business with the right people at the right time. 

Rules Engine is only available with our upgraded plan. Update your plan here!

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Karli Stone is copy writer and content creator living in Los Angeles, CA and a proud University of Washington grad. When she’s not wordsmith-ing, you can find her biking along Santa Monica Beach, following the Seattle Seahawks, or catching a flick at her local cinema.